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Peptide synthesis services

Peptide purity guidelines


The purity rate defines the proportion of the expected peptide versus impurities (uncorrect synthetic peptides). The purity rate is determined by analytical HPLC, generally using 4 µ resolution column or similar which is highly accurate. The HPLC software is calculating the area under the curve to determine accurately the percentage of the desired peptide.

Smart Bioscience peptide synthesis

Which peptide purity rate do I need?


DesaltedPeptides are cleaved from their solid support and amino acids are deprotected. Synthesis reagents are eliminated and the obtained peptide can be analyzed to determine its integrity and purity rate. The purity is variable depending on sequence and can not be predicated. No minimal purity can be guaranteed. The desalted quality is generally adapted to quantitative MS
>80%Immunological assays, polyclonal antibody production, antibody affinity purification
>90%NMR, Bioassays, Epitope mapping
>95%SAR studies, In vitro bioassays such as ELISA, Enzymology, Receptor-ligand interactions, quantitative bioassay, monoclonal antibody production, in-vivo studies, competition assays
>99%Crystallography, accurate quantitative assays (dose-reponse…)

Smart Bioscience offers various purity grade depending on your needs. See section « peptide synthesis ».