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Cecropin A – Potent antimicrobial and anticancer peptide

Cecropin A is an antimicrobial peptide active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
Some studies have suggested that cecropin A binds to negatively charged membrane lipids and form a packed layer which permeabilize the membranes and help to kill bacteria. It was shown that cecropin A presents a LC50 of 0.9 µM and a LC90 of 1.7 µM against certain E.Coli strains.
Besides its well-known antimicrobial properties, studies have demonstrated tumoricidal activity of cecropin A against leukemia, lymphoma, colon carcinoma cell lines and other tumour cell lines.
Furthermore, Cecropin A has a fungicidal activity. A study has shown that cecropin A reaches a complete lethality at approximately 25 mM for germinating conidia of Aspergillus spp. and a complete lethality for nongerminated and germinated conidia of Fusarium spp. at 1.5 mM.

Technical specification

Disulfide bonds: 0
Length (aa): 37
Formula of Cecropin A: C184H313N53OS46
Molecular weight: 4003.88 g/mol
CAS number: 80451-04-3
Source: Synthetic
Purity rate: > 95 %
Preparation and storage: Lyophilized powder, trifluoroacetate (TFA) salt format. Shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store lyophilized peptide at -20°C or lower. Reconstituted peptide can be aliquoted and stored at -20°C or lower. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.



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